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Workouts ONLY 


Have you loved your workouts with JEM? Are you needing accountability to show up & get your exercise in? But you aren't needing extra accountability outside of the gym? Than this program is designed for YOU! The Accelerator program is perfect for the woman just needing help to move. The workouts are not custom but will provide you with all around full body movements. 

Here are the details: 

You can choose to do the workouts in person or online. 

The workout times & days are as follows: 

Mon / Wed / Fri 5:30am OR 8:15am 

Tues / Thurs 5am OR 8:15am 

You can attend any of the days or times as long as there is availability.

In person has a max 6 women per workout. 

All clients are a part of a FB community for support, education & motivation.

The program runs for 6 weeks:

Jan 3rd thru Feb 11th

You have the option of purchasing 

6 workouts = $120 ($20 per workout) 

12 workouts = $216 ($18 per workout)

18 workouts = $288 ($16 per workout)

Price is discounted with the purchase of more workouts. 

Once you purchase the workouts you get to choose the day & time you attend the workout.