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This 4 week program is for the committed & motivated woman who just needs direction with her workouts. Whether you go to a gym or have equipment at home, JEM will create a custom workout for you to complete on your own so that the last thing you need to worry about is what exercises to do. 

What's included:

Custom Workouts: 

You will have a custom workout program designed specifically for you & the equipment you have in order for you to complete the workouts on your own time. 

Exercise video description:

Each exercise in your programs comes with a video explanation with key tips to make sure the movement is done correctly.

Community support:

All participants will be a part of a facebook community for additional conversation, extra motivation & camaraderie.

Weekly accountability tracker:

In order to stay on track and live the best life you can, you must set realistic habits that help you move in the direction of your goals. This tracker will help you break down each into achievable actions so that you can see progress week over week.

This program is for you if......

  • The only thing holding you back to getting in your workout is knowing what to do


  • You need a flexible schedule and the ability to fit the workout in at a time that works for you


  • You are determined & motivated to show up for yourself


  • You thrive with one on one support and are looking for guidance from an expert trainer


Are the workouts live?

No, this program is not a live workout. It is to be completed on your own. 

What if I have questions about some of the exercises? Do I have access to a coach? 

Yes, you have full access to a coach in case you have questions or need more direction. You also have the option to purchase 1:1 virtual coaching time. 

When does it start?

There is no start date. This program can be started at any time. 

I don't have access to a lot of equipment, can you still write me a program? 

Yes! The program is designed specifically for you and the equipment you have. 

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