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Essential Oils 

In 2018 I started using essential oils with my fitness clients because I was finding they were struggling with things outside of the gym that I was unable to help them with. They were having challenges with things like sleep, stress, pain, digestive issues, etc. and it was hindering our results they wanted to achieve. At that time, I also noticed that some of the medications they were taking for these challenges were also hindering our results. This is when I decided to turn to an all natural solution. 


Essential oils are effective, safe & affordable. I work hand and hand with clients on how to use these natural solutions in their home and with their loved ones.


Curious about how essential oils can help you?

Connect me here to set up a consultation.  


3 ways to use essential oils


using a diffuser or inhaling a drop from your hand is good for opening up the airways, reducing anxious feelings & aiding with sleep


applying oils to the skin with a carrier oil works great for aches, muscle pain or emotional support


drinking or taking oils in capsules is helpful for immune support, detox and digestive issues

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