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Holiday Movement Challenge with JEM

Starts: November 14th
Ends: December 24th

Every Holiday season the average person gains about 8 unwanted pounds. This year instead of waiting for 2023, I am challenging women to combat weight gain by


during one of the busiest times of the year. 


For 6 weeks, I will encourage, push & motivate you to do some type of movement almost every day. 

The best part is everyone has a chance to win!


The goal here is to maintain where you are at so that when the New Year begins you aren’t further away from your goals. 

Movement is proven to help you make better food choices, improve your mood, improve energy & help you feel better!


Don’t wait for 2023….start now! 


Complete 33 days of movement in 41 days and get your money back or have your $$ donated to your favorite charity of choice! 

You have 2 options!!

Choose the option that is best for you! 

Guided workouts on your own

This is perfect for the woman who likes to workout on her own but would love some direction or wants to take the guess work out of what exercises to do.


You will be given 6 workouts for you to complete on your own. You will be able to choose from 2 different workouts - one with equipment and one without. 

Unlimited LIVE in person/virtual workouts

This option was created for the woman who needs extra accountability and help with performing proper movements.


You can take part in as many of the 50 min workouts offered Mon - Fri at 5:30am, 6:30am, 9am or 11am (all in east coast time)

that you can attend. These are full body workouts. It is recommended that you have some dumbbells if doing the workout virtual but not required. 


  • You need to average between 5-6 days a week of movement.

  • Movement can be any form. Walking, swimming, strength training, pilates, yoga, etc. 

  • The movement must be a minimum of 30 min or more.  

  • You can split up the time during the day to equal 30 min but you can not do extra time to make up for a different day. 

  • All participants must sign up and pay by the end of day November 13th. 

  • Participants who chose the LIVE workouts are required to sign up for workouts ahead of time (8pm night before). 

  • There are a handful of ways to check in after a workout: selfie; tag in social media; simple text; email; picture of workout watch; record in journal then send picture. 

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