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Sweets & Sickness

Interesting enough, the season that is known for illness is also the season known for excess sugar. I know this can't be the first time you are hearing this. The real question is, are you doing anything about it? 


On one of my local mom pages, the question was asked what do we do or use to protect our family from all the illnesses going around.

My answer was simple: limit sugar and I use essential oils


Sugar is known to cause inflammation which then can cause issues with our immune system. It can be harder to fight off infections and keep our bodies strong when we are exposed to viruses. So as we approach the holiday season, be aware of what you and your kids are consuming. Limit the amount of sugar/sweets, drink extra water, donate left over halloween candy and make sure everyone is eating good fruits & vegetables. It's important to still have the things we enjoy but that doesn't mean we have to eat it all the time or everyday. 


As a preventative, my go to is always On guard. This oil is known as the protective blend and you will find us throughout the winter months diffusing it, applying it to the bottom of feet & along our spine and ingesting it.  If you ever want to learn more about how to use essential oils or why I swear by them for my families health, send me an email. I love sharing our story and how they can help you too. 

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